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Need Help with Your Sports Betting Picks?

Bringold Sports firmly placed in the sports betting capital of the world - Las Vegas.

As a legitimate handicapping service, we do the hard work of research, gathering the latest information and the available facts from insiders in the sporting industry from around the country. Whether it’s football, basketball, baseball or hockey, we excel at choosing winning picks for the long term, not just for a month or for a year.

The owner, Bill Bringold, has been a part of the sports gambling scene in Las Vega for over 10 years. Not only does he decide on the winning plays, but he also bets on his own picks. Your loss is his loss, so you know he does his best when picking sports bets.

Betting Tips for Consistent Success

If you need help in deciding the winning picks, we are the solution. With our expertise and experience, we strive to win consistently at the highest level. We understand that success in sports betting bankroll management is the key. By only betting 1-3% of your bankroll, this allows for long term profits.

At Bringold Sports, we continue to lead the sports handicapping industry with golden information and with results at the highest win percentage rate possible.

To get started with us, check out Free Picks, or if you are more ambitious, you can advance to our pick selections for football, basketball, baseball or hockey.

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March Madness Tournament play's for 5 Days Sides & Totals

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